12 Wedding Photos That Are A Must For Your Wedding Album

The fact is that any wedding without the wedding photos is nothing to remember.

The photographer is a must for your wedding. I highly recommend to discuss what kind of pictures your photographer plans to do. There are a lot of ideas for wedding photos.

Find below 12 wedding photo ideas that are a must for your wedding album.

1. The bride’s portrait

Undoubtedly, the bride is charming and the close-up portrait will reflect all details of her gorgeous image.


2. The bride’s photo from the back

Don’t forget to make the bride’s photo from the back. The elegant line of the back, the delightful dress, the delicate look, incredible beauty and magic are reflected in this picture.



3. Bouquet, close-up photo

One of the main attributes of the wedding is the bridal bouquet. It includes incredible shades of pink, blue, lilac of various grades of flowers. Be sure to ask the photographer to make the bouquet close-up picture.


4. Gatherings of the bride surrounded by her friends

This is so exciting for friends to be around the bride helping her to prepare for the wedding ceremony. This should be a really great photo of the bride with her friends around her.


5. Shoes, close-up photo 

Another important thing in the bride’s wardrobe is the divine shoes. The photo close up will reflect their beauty and this photo will be unique in your wedding album.


6. The bride with her Dad coming to the altar

Another touching to tears photo is the bride with her dad coming to the altar. This is an absolutely must to be taken photo, without further ado.


7. The first meeting of the groom and the bride

The first meeting is like the first kiss. Real and sincere emotions create bright pictures!


8. The bride raises the veil

This is a real special moment when the bride raises the veil.


9. First kiss of the groom and the bride

The groom and the bride in their new roles as a husband and a wife and their first family kiss.


10. The beautiful dress developing on the wind

Reflection of the beauty, tenderness of the snow-white dress and light breeze.


11. The groom and the bride hold hands

Hand in hand as reflection of the strong mental intimacy. It’s very special.


12. The groom and the bride are running and jumping

Finally, you can relax! The ceremony event left behind so you don’t have to worry about the photo session. Enjoy the most important day in your life. Appreciate these moments, have some fun!