Best Honeymoon Destinations. How To Choose?

Before we find the most romantic place for your honeymoon trip, there are a few questions that need to be answered:

What type of a honeymoon trip

do you prefer?

I believe several types of travel to be suitable for a honeymoon trip:

1. A romantic secluded island.

Ideal for a couple’s retreat. Just imagine – a tropical island surrounded with unbelievably beautiful ocean waters, white sand, the sound of waves coming onto a beach and not a soul around. There are many places around the world that fit this description. Further down I will tell you about those that are truly perfect for a honeymoon and for spending unforgettable times as a couple.


Drawbacks – high cost of travel, long flight. See more details on costs and flight duration below.

2. A public beach in a touristy city

…with its hustle and bustle, its aqua parks and beach activities. This type of travel isn’t as romantic as the first option I described above, but it works for young and active couples, for those who are not ready to grow up just yet and prefer to have fun riding water slides, water bikes, going to night clubs and bars and attending beach parties. As a rule, such popular tourist spots tend to be much less expensive than going to a secluded island. This option has a lot of advantages. A beach vacation on the mainland or a big touristy island offers a wider range of activities for those who don’t want to spend their whole honeymoon on a beach or in a hotel room. Staying at a popular resort lets you combine beach activities with sightseeing trips to castles, ruins, hiking to waterfalls, caves, observation platforms and incredible photo opportunities and memories of exciting adventures.



Drawbacks – some locations may have too much noise, no way to stay alone with your spouse, crowded beaches, bars and streets.

3. Sightseeing in a city.

This is the type of travel that works for couples interested in discovering local culture, history and art. Such locations attract a lot of tourists and offer a lot of sights and places to explore. These cities have unique architecture, lots of museums, and a large number of cozy restaurants for any taste or budget. You will definitely want to taste local cuisine or wines there. Some good examples of such destinations are the city of love Paris and Romeo and Juliette’s hometown Verona. I will be talking about other great cities popular with honeymooners below.


Drawbacks – you will feel tired at the end of each sightseeing day, some guides may tell boring stories and you will be joined by crowds of other tourists on your excursions.

4. Extreme destinations.

What could be better than having the most extraordinary and memorable adventure for your honeymoon. This type of travel is chosen by active couples of thrill-seekers. Climbing the tallest mountain, parachuting, going on an incredible safari or diving into an amazing underwater world is sure to give you a jolt of adrenaline. I will be talking about some great adventure travel destinations below.


Drawbacks – there is risk to your health.

Now that we’ve sorted out the types of travel, you need to answer one more question that comes up in honeymoon planning.

How far are you willing to travel

from your home and

what is your budget for the trip?

You may dream of a secluded beach with turquoise waters, of white snow in the middle of summer, or of golden sand in the middle of winter all you want. If your budget is limited, if you hate long flights or are afraid of flying, you need to decide right away how far you can travel and how much money you will need for the trip.


The choice of honeymoon destination depends first of all on your resources, and after that on your preferences. I will calculate an approximate budget below to include hotel accommodations and flight cost and time based on selected destination.

Let’s get started:

Romantic secluded island

I will not bore you with a guidebook description of each location: you’ve probably read through tons of those. What I will do is tell you about destinations I have personally been to, and which I believe to be perfect for a romantic honeymoon.


Amidst the Polynesian islands in the Pacific ocean you will find the absolute best destination for a honeymoon, the incredibly beautiful island of Bora-Bora.

Everything speaks romance here: the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, the turquoise waters, romantic dinners with an amazing view and romantic walks on white sand beaches. It makes for a truly unforgettable vacation for newlyweds.


What to see?

Bora-Bora is the perfect spot for diving. The underwater world is rich and colorful, and you will even find a natural underwater nature park here – Lagoonarium. You can see friendly dolphins, turtles, exotic fish and even sharks there.

Where to stay?

Bora-Bora hotels usually consist of bungalows nestled right over the water. Prices start from $80, and even the most luxurious hotel will only cost you an average of $300 for a 2-person bungalow per night.

Keep this in mind.

Some hotels provide transfer from/to the local Motu Mute Airport for a fee. The boat trip from the airport to pretty much any hotel takes an average of 15 minutes. The larger the hotel, the more they charge for this service. Prices start from $30 and go up to $110 per person. Meanwhile, the more basic inexpensive hotels will usually provide transfer service for free.

How to get there?

Reaching this paradise is difficult, expensive and time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it. The closest international airport is located on the Tahiti island: Papeete International Airport. A local airline will get you from there to Bora-Bora in about 50 minutes. So your job is to get to Papeete International Airport from wherever you are in the world.

Below I will list some prices for some popular origin cities. I got these airfares from skyscanner and aviasales flight search engines. These fares do not include any sales or special offers and are in effect at the time of writing. They may vary based on your travel dates and advance purchase. Prices are per person, round trip in economy class.

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesPapeete8 h 25 min1325
PapeeteBora Bora (Motu Mute Airport)50 min375
From New York
New YorkLos Angeles6 h 35 min276
Los AngelesPapeete8 h 25 min1325
PapeeteBora Bora (Motu Mute Airport)50 min375
From London
LondonLos Angeles11 h 25 min474
Los AngelesPapeete8 h 25 min1325
PapeeteBora Bora (Motu Mute Airport)50 min375
From Moscow
MoscowLos Angeles12 h 45 min514
Los AngelesPapeete8 h 25 min1325
PapeeteBora Bora (Motu Mute Airport)50 min375
From Tokyo
TokyoAuckland (New Zealand)10 h 30 min
Auckland (New Zealand)Papeete5 h1529
PapeeteBora Bora (Motu Mute Airport)50 min375


Everyone knows that Seychelles are the number one honeymoon destination and a perfect spot for great wedding photos. You can stay on the larger islands of Mahe, Praslin or La Digue. However, there is a very secluded spot there I would recommend.


Where to stay?

I would suggest the private Fregat Island, the least populated place in Seychelles. It can only house up to 40 people simultaneously: that’s the capacity of the only hotel on this island. The room rate at this hotel is $3000 per night per 2 people.

What to see?

You will find everything you may want from a great beach vacation on Seychelles: rent a yacht, go water-skiing, surfing or diving. The marine life is incredible here.

How to get here?

Etihad and Emirates airlines offer the most convenient flights. The fares aren’t that high, while the service is outstanding.

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesAbu Dhabi16 h 20 min
Abu DhabiMahe4 h 40 min
Total $1071
From New York
New YorkAbu Dhabi12 h 45 min
Abu DhabiMahe4 h 40 min
From London
LondonColombo Sri Lanka10 h 25 min
ColomboMahe4 h 05 min
From Moscow
MoscowAbu Dhabi5 h 20 min
Abu DhabiMahe4 h 40 min
From Tokyo
TokyoAbu Dhabi12 h 20 min
Abu DhabiMahe4 h 40 min

British Virgin Islands

Where to stay?

There is one island among the British Virgin Islands – Peter Island – which has a place perfect for a newlywed couple’s retreat. Its name speaks for itself – the Honeymoon Beach, a place recommended for all honeymooners.  Staying on this island starts from $550 per night.

You can stay on other British Virgin islands for as little as $120 per night.


How to get here?

Getting here is not very difficult and is quite inexpensive for such an awesome destination.

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesFort Lauderdale4 h 40 min
Fort LauderdaleSan Juan2 h 35 min
San JuanBeef Island35 min
Total $560
From New York
New YorkPhilipsburg 4 h
Philipsburg Beef Island40 min
From London
LondonSaint John's8 h 45 min
Saint John'sBeef Island1 h 05 min
From Moscow
MoscowAmsterdam 3 h 35 min
AmsterdamPhilipsburg9 h 24 min
PhipsburgBeef Island40
From Tokyo
TokyoParis12 h 45 min
ParisPhilipsburg9 h 15 min
PhilipsburgBeef Island4 h 40 min

Popular tourist destination


Hawaii is probably the most popular honeymoon destination in the world.


What to see?

Choose a place to fit your tastes.

O’ahu Island. This is the most populated of the Hawaii islands, home to the state’s capital Honolulu. It has everything you may need for a fun vacation, just like a popular resort should. The world surfing capital, the famous Waikiki Beach is right here too.

Maui Island. A wonderful destination with awesome beaches is referred to as an ‘island of wonder’. This is a perfect destination for a couple’s romantic retreat.

Big Island Hawaii – great spot to go on a romantic helicopter tour over the island to see some incredible active volcanoes.

Where to stay?

Hotels start from $60 per night.

How to get here?

Getting here is easy and inexpensive.

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesHonolulu5 h 40 min
Total $548
From New York
New YorkHonolulu9 h 30 min
From London
LondonSan Francisco11 h
San FranciscoHonolulu5 h 50 min
From Moscow
MoscowIstanbul3 h 05 min
IstanbulSan Francisco13 h 45 min
San FranciscoHonolulu5 h 40 min
From Tokyo
TokyoHonolulu7 h

Crete, Greece

Not many newlywed couples think of the island of Crete when planning their honeymoon, but I do recommend it as a great honeymoon destination.

What to see?

Elafonissi Beach is located in the northern part of the island. You can drive to a large parking lot and walk a bit to get to see some amazing vistas. In a few moments you notice an island connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of pinkish white sand. The turquoise waves are constantly trying to overrun the spit from both sides. You will need to walk along this strip for a little while, but then wade across an area of shallow water. Be sure to hold your beach bag high up, so you don’t get it soaked. When you get to the island, go up to its highest point and enjoy some amazing views.


Saitan Limania is not that easily accessible. You can get here by motorcycle or a car, but you’ll need to hike down a steep rocky shore to get to the beautiful turquoise bay. If you get here very early, you may get a chance to have the beach all to yourselves, and to enjoy the tranquil and picturesque surroundings in silence. This spot is located at the opposite end of the island, in its southwestern part.


Yet another end of the island, its eastern part, greets you with a palm grove on Vai Beach. This place has the biggest concentration of palms on the island of Crete. There are no hotels here (the closest is located 6 kilometers away), so sunbathers usually get here when the sun is already high. To avoid crowds, you can get here early in the morning or in the evening and enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset.


Where to stay?

It’s best to stay in the central part of the island, so you can easily get to all of the beautiful spots described above. The center is in the area of Heraklion and Rethymno. Accommodation prices start from $40.

How to get here?

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesNew York5 h 40 min
New YorkAthens9 h 55 min
AthensHeraklion Crete50 min
Total $827
From New York
New YorkZurich7 h 50 min
ZurichHeraklion Crete2 h 50 min
From London
LondonChania Crete4 h $41 Ryanair
LondonHeraklion Crete3 h 55 min$301
London Athens3 h 40 min
AthensHeraklion Crete50 min$153
From Moscow
MoscowHeraklion Crete4 h
From Tokyo
TokyoDoha12 h 15 min
DohaAthens5 h 05 min
AthensHeraklion Crete50 min

Dominican Republic

This is a widely promoted destination and a favorite among newlyweds.

What to see?

The Dominican Republic gives you great photo opportunities. It is beautiful all over, but there is one spot I would recommend over others. It’s Playa de las Aguilas. This is a beach within the Jaragua national park, so you won’t find hotels or crowds of tourists there. The national park has a lot of different animals you may see, and the Laguna Oviedo lake has the largest concentration of flamingoes in all of DR.


Where to stay?

Hotel rates start from $30 with just breakfast or $170 for a 5-star all-inclusive property.

How to get there?

FromToFlight durationPrice $ round-trip
From Los Angeles
Los AngelesTocumen Panama6 h 40 min
Tocumen PanamaPunta Cana2 h 45 min
Total $376
From New York
New YorkPunta Cana4 h
From London
LondonPunta Cana9 h 10 min
From Moscow
MoscowMadrid5 h 20 min
MadridPunta Cana9 h 20 min
From Tokyo
TokyoNew York12 h 50 min
New YorkPunta Cana4 h

Sightseeing tour

I won’t take your time describing all of the cultural sights in the world. Here is just a brief overview of the locations honeymooners like to go to and where you should definitely go someday as a couple:

Paris, France

What to do? Go up the famous Eiffel Tower, have fun at Disneyland Paris or the Asterix Park, or just relax on a bench on Champs-Elysees in the heart of the city.


Venice, Italy

What to do?  Ride a gondola with a flamboyant gondolier and ask him to sing for you. 


Prague, Czech Republic

What to do? Take a walk on the Zámky Zamilovaných “lovers bridge” where you will find lots of padlocks left here by couples and maybe leave your own; be sure to visit the Old Town Square and make a wish by the Orly clock. You may also want to see the Sex Machines Museum, where you will learn what love was like in the times of kings, or visit the Beer Museum to taste the best beer in the country. 


The Netherlands

What to do? Go see the Windmill Park in the Kinderdijk village; if you happen to travel in April, see the largest and most beautiful tulip fields in the world at Keukenhof, then rent bikes and go for a ride in the tulip fields for an unforgettable experience and some gorgeous photo opportunities.


Extreme honeymoons

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia

Watching crocodiles at a zoo is boring. It’s far more fun and more extreme to take a swim with them in a pool of water. This park lets you go down in the crocodile-ridden water in a special glass capsule. An unforgettable adventure to experience as a couple.

Where?  58 Mitchell St, Darwin City, Australia

How much? $250 for a double cage for 2 people


Macau Tower, China. Bungee jumping

This is the highest bungee jump in the world. The Macau Tower is 338 meters tall, 233 of which you get to pass in a free fall in a mere 5 seconds. This is an incredible opportunity to conquer your self-preservation instinct and get an ultimate adrenaline rush. The bride may wait at the foot of the tower and the groom may get the warm feeling that in about 30 seconds he will be the greatest hero in his bride’s eyes. The reward will be a kiss from the bride and applause from a dozen of bystanders in the street. Now you can do anything!

Where?  Macau Tower, Macau, China

How much? $3288 for one person, including t-shirt, Certificate and Membership Card


Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe. Rafting with crocodiles.

What is rafting? Just rafting? Nothing too special really. Unless you are steering your raft down the Zambezi river that has the largest population of crocodiles of any river in the world. This kind of rafting is a true adventure: you never know when you are going to come across these deadly predators. Although the rafting routes on this river are planned in a way that makes encounters with crocodiles unlikely, except for a specific spot inhabited by them. Crocodiles there are not very large and are quite friendly, but you are still sure to get your share of adrenaline rush.

Where? Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

How much? $150 for one person, full day trip


“Edge Walk” at the CN Tower. Canada.

One of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere, the 553-meter tall CN Tower in Canada offers the Edge Walk adventure. You get attached to a line with special safety cables and get to walk along the edge of the tower roof.

You can even get married at the top of СN Tower during your Edge Walk. A ceremony can be arranged for you, and you can invite a wedding officiant, a photographer and your best friends. That would make for a wedding you’d never forget. Want to add some adrenaline rush to your wedding day? A wedding ceremony at the edge is $6000.

Where? 301 Front St W, Toronto, Canada

How much? Edge Walk – $195 for one person, Edge Walk weddings – $6000 for an 8-person party.


Hydropolis Undersea resort. Dubai

If you’ve ever been to an aquarium, you probably remember the magic feeling you get as you watch a giant shark or a huge octopus swim over your head, and you can even touch it through the thick tank glass. Now imagine this amazing underwater world being the walls of your hotel room. You can find a hotel like that in Dubai. It is located 18 meters under the surface of the Persian Gulf.


This place was created specifically for fans of unusual destinations and adrenaline buffs. AT the same time it is very romantic and enchanting location. Of course it won’t compare to rafting with crocodiles or bungee jumping, but spending a night at this amazing hotel is sure to give you some bright and exciting memories. You may fear that the structure might be very fragile and the slightest hit would send the water pouring into your room, but you really have nothing to worry about. The materials have undergone extensive testing and can even withstand a missile strike.

Although it does cost quite a bit to stay here ($5000 to be exact), it is definitely worth it, especially if it’s for your first wedding night: the experience is sure to make the night truly unforgettable.


We have covered here what I believe to be the most interesting and romantic destinations for your honeymoon. The choice is ultimately yours. I hope you’ll pick a place you’ll never regret and have a honeymoon you’ll remember for a long time.

It’s important to make the right choice here, as you won’t have a second chance. And when you come back, hopefully the romantic feeling and the amazing memories that put butterflies in your stomach won’t leave you for a long time. May your honeymoon be the best you could ever dream of.