The Disney’s Fairytale Wedding

Honeymoons event is a unique program offering wedding planning services to couples in the popular Disney resort destinations in California, the Walt Disney World Resort located in Florida, and the Disney Cruise Line. If you are looking for an experience filled with fun, fantasy, imagination, and fun for your wedding day, then Disney’s Fairytale Wedding Style are perfect for your special day. With this unique wedding style, your guests will be treated to a Cinderella wedding in a fairy tale setting that will surely satisfy all of their expectations.

The wedding ceremony follows a traditional ceremony format in which a traditional church wedding service is held. The pageantry of flowers and balloons welcomes the wedding party and their guests. Then, a ballroom dance performance by the band is introduced. A magical princess bride with her glass slippers appears on the dance floor, followed by a very romantic singer who asks for the groom’s hand in marriage. The happy couple is engaged and makes their wedding vows on a grand scale as a fairy Princess and Prince Charming join them for their wedding ceremony.

The wedding cake is decorated in stunning golden color and is served on a covered cake table to match the royal treatment. Two flower girls precede the groom on their grand aisle walk, accompanied by their fairy godmothers. A magician performs dazzling tricks on the wedding reception stage, allowing the couple to cut loose on their wedding attire. When it is time for the wedding cake cutting, a Cinderella castle is presented to the happy couple with a cake in the shape of a ball gown. Besides, there are several other amazing elements to the wedding fairytale wedding style.

Each wedding has its theme. A Cinderella’s wedding can be white or blue, tablecloths with gold bows, many flowers, birds, a pumpkin carriage. For a Beauty and the Beast wedding, you can choose a more traditional fairytale motif, such as a carriage decorated with red and white roses, lace tablecloths, and the bride’s blush wedding dress. The groom can be in a tailcoat and with a lush bow tie.

For Snow White’s wedding, you can wear a tiara or a ribbon in her hair, an A-line dress. Decorate the hall with red apples and flowers, place figures of forest animals and gnomes.

In a Disney fairytale wedding, you have the opportunity to make lasting memories with your guests. You may want to consider adding themed games, such as a treasure hunt for old chocolate coins or a treasure map to help find your destination. It is also important to choose music that fits the tone of your fairytale wedding style. If you have a romantic evening wedding, soft romantic music would be perfect. If you opt for a whimsical fairytale wedding, such as a garden wedding, music inspired by nature, such as birdsong or chirping birdsong, would be perfect.

Your Disney wedding will also reflect the personality of the bride and groom. Consider things like their interests, hobbies, favorite sport, or other styles they like to explore. For the newlywed couple, maybe a shared interest in gardening will be an enjoyable addition to your ceremony and reception. A few fun touches could include vintage props, such as a Victorian front door or wedding dress from Cinderella or a ballgown reminiscent of a ballgown fit for a princess.

You can add some Disney elements to your Disney wedding by choosing themed favors, menu items, cake toppers, invitations, table decorations, and thank you notes. Favor ideas include wedding bells for the guests, a heart-shaped centerpiece, Cinderella inspired favor boxes, a bottle stopper shaped like a crown, and many more. Menu items can include a Disney-inspired flair, such as chocolates with a Disney princess logo. Menu items can be in any style, whether it’s traditional cake cupcakes, cookies, or pies.

And, of course, don’t forget the magical wedding carriages to whisk your guests away on the grandest Disney ride of a lifetime! Depending on your taste, a Cinderella wedding might include a carriage designed after the famous carriage from the fairytale. Remember that any fairytale wedding is only as spectacular as its decor, so be sure to let your imagination go wild when decorating and planning for your fairytale wedding style. With the magic of Disney and its endless options, your fairytale wedding style is sure to be a huge success!