How to Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing spring wedding guest dresses. First, remember that a wedding style should be comfortable and casual rather than formal. This also applies to the bridesmaids’ dresses, as well. Below, you’ll find some suggestions for bridal party and wedding style ideas that will ensure everyone has a great time at your wedding.

Your wedding should look great from the start, but the guest attire needs to complement the overall theme. If you have an outdoor wedding in the spring, you have a lot of options. The sky is the limit with wedding guest dresses. You can go with a simple knee-length dress or choose a more elegant dress for the bride who prefers a more formal gown. You can also choose from a variety of colors and styles, whether you prefer pastels or more traditional hues.

A dress that doesn’t show too much skin may be the most flattering on a bride with natural assets. Choose wedding guest dresses that are flattering without being too over-the-top. The color you choose is also going to depend on how much skin you want to show. For a spring wedding, opt for pastels and softer shades of color like yellow, tan and cream. These can really help to soften your body’s look in springtime, which makes them the perfect choice for a wedding in the spring.

In a wedding with a more formal feel, you may still want to stick with the classic white dress, but choose a more flattering style. One option is a long flowing gown with no train. This is the perfect style for a formal wedding in spring as it will flatter your figure. Another option is a floral lace or net dress that’s embellished with beading, ribbon or sequins. These types of dresses can look elegant as they are in a floral pattern, which is one of the most flattering styles for wedding guests.

If you are going with a more laid back wedding in the spring, consider a floral dress with a bit of an unconventional slant. This can work to elongate your legs and create a more interesting silhouette. Consider a strapless bodice with a tulle skirt in a soft color. A self-style veil can really pull this design together and add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day.

One of the newest trends in wedding guest dresses is to include fun, new prints in your evening wear. One of the hottest looks is to pair a sleeveless sandal with a sleeveless sleeve. This gives you the appearance of longer, fuller legs and draws the eye down to your feet. Other popular options for sandals with sleeves are strappy sandals and those with a short strap. Choose a sandal style that will match your style from the waist up, something that will flatter your shape.

For a spring wedding that has a bit of an edge, try to find a strappy style. Strappy sandals and strappy heels are the perfect options for this look. You can also opt for a unique floral print that features many flowers in a straight line or choose a wedding dress covered in flowers. Either of these looks will create a dynamic silhouette that screams spring!

No matter what kind of spring wedding guest dress you choose, keep comfort in mind. You want to ensure that your dress will not only look good on, but will also feel great on. Consider having a trial run with your dress before the wedding, so that you can make any last-minute changes. This is also a great time to choose a color or pattern that you love. Once you find the perfect fit and color, you can relax knowing that you have the perfect dress for your special day.